October 29 – 31

@ Stonebridge Park • Fayetteville, TN

Friday • 4 – 9pm
Saturday • 11am – 9pm
Sunday • 12 – 4pm

On the Stage

We have a great line-up of entertainers and events for these next few days so don’t miss out!

4:00 - 5:00 pm
29 Oct
7:00 - 9:00 pm
30 Oct
11:00am - 12:00 pm
12:00 - 1:00 pm
1:00-2:00 pm
4:45 - 5:30 pm
2:15 - 4:45 pm
6:30 - 9:00 pm
12:30 - 1:15 pm
1:00 - 1:30 pm
2:30 - 4:00 pm

An artistic minifestival – for everyone.

Southern Weekend of Art has become a tradition in Fayetteville – 54 years running. Meander around the beautiful Stonebridge Park “river” to explore the variety of art that have come together from all over the region. From culinary to woodworking, metalworking, pottery, painting, fabric arts, music, sculpting and SO much more. (SWOA is a great event to get ahold of some unique Christmas gifts for loved ones!) 
On the STAGE: musical performances, clogging, local ‘open mic’, and for the kiddos– StrongMan Storytelling and Magic!! Also this year, we’re hosting our Annual Scholarship Awards Show during SWOA!
KIDZONE: Inflatable fun, tie-dying, facepainting and more!
ADMISSION: General admission is FREE to the public, with a small admission fee into the KidZone. (Activities within the KidZone may have costs associated.)


Not just for fine artists! If your product is artistic, authentic, uniquely created, please reserve your booth and join the fun!
(Members of the Arts Center receive a discount for booth space! Visit for more info on becoming a member.)

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Virtual Tour

View images of Stonebridge Park and get a feel for this ode to our local history!
Vendor booths are set up along the walking track while food trucks are set up around the parameter. Entertainment is held in the grassy area in front of and on the stage - central to the park!

2010 Thornton Taylor Pkwy

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here

Who is the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Arts Center?

We are a non-profit Art Organization in the City of Fayetteville. We are completely made up of volunteers and this event is one of our major sources of income. We received no funding from any government sources.

How do we determine what we have or what we do each year?

Our number one determination is you the vendor. Vendors have told us they do not like shows with big name bands, because people come to hear the music and have no interest in the Arts & Crafts. They have told us they like having the local dance schools, and local bands playing. We set it up on Friday and Saturday, because after many years of having it on Saturday and Sunday, we simply didn’t have enough people come out on Sunday. We want your feedback; let us know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong.

Why no Rain Date and why do you have the show outside?

We have looked into having a Rain date, and feel that it just not worth it. We would have to charge more for the booths because cost of advertising would be doubled. We do book the Sunday of our event to extend the show by one day if it looks like it might be clear. This is done at no charge to the vendors. If it does rain enough to shut out the entire weekend a substantial discount will be offered to the vendors that showed up for the next year’s show. It is extremely important that you give us a valid E-Mail address and phone number. We will contact you in the event that the showvhj is cancelled. We strongly suggest that you also, figure on showing on Sunday. In the event that the weather is such that we have to close the show or cancel one day of the show we will continue on Sunday if the weather allows. The safety of the vendors, their product and the customers are our primary concern.

Why do we not offer full refunds?

We have approximately 10% of the vendors each year will register and fill a spot and then cancel or don’t show up. This cost us money and makes our show look poor when we have empty spots. Some years we fill up early and end up turning away possible paying vendors. In short it cost us money and time.

Do certain vendors get preference?

All booths are assigned on a first come first serve basis. The exception being members of the Arts Center. Additional requirement such as electric will limit locations.

Who is our Customer?

We consider the vendor our customer. Therefore, we do everything we can to provide them the best, and most hassle free show.

When can we set up and what are the hours of the show?

You can start setting up after 2-7:00pm on Thursday before the show starts on Friday. We want everyone set up and ready for business by 10am on Friday morning, 9am on Saturday morning, and 11:00am Sunday morning. Vendors that pack up early, and/or leave, will not be invited back, as this can cause a hazard to our guests and their children.

Can more than one vendor share a booth?

One additional vendor is allowed per the booth number. IE: A single booth can have two vendors, a double booth can have three vendors, and a triple booth can have 4 vendors.

Why do you charge more for Electric?

It is an additional cost that we have no choice but to pass on.

Why do we charge more for Food Vendors?

Someone that is selling food to be consumed on site usually requires electricity (so that is automatically included), and their customers produce more trash. We in turn have to provide the labor to pick up the grounds and dispose of the trash.

Who picks up the trash?

We do! We provide each booth with a trash bag, and in the past they have really been good about policing their area for trash. This has allowed up to not increase booth fees to cover this service?

Do you have Security?

We have dedicated security for Friday and Saturday nights.

Do we have Rest Rooms?

We have Restrooms on the Park Ground available 24 hours.

Will my Booth Location change after the initial assignment?

It might. It can be because we have too many similar vendors in the same area, or we do not have enough vendors in an area and we are trying to consolidate the show, or because of landscape changes and other changes that are outside our control.

Will I be notified that my application has been accepted?

If you register by Internet, you will be notified by E-Mail. This might not occur until you Credit Card Charge is posted to our account. If you register by Internet and send a check, we will send you an E-Mail when the check is received. If you registered by U.S. Mail we will only respond if you send a SASE.

What is the most common cause of registrations being mixed up?

We are amazed every year with the number of people that register under one name and then use a different name on their credit card or check. This prevents us from matching the two together. If you are doing this clarify that in the comments on the registration.

I have a band, I have a dance team, I want to perform at your event?

If you are willing to perform free of change in exchange for the exposure, we are interested in having you perform. You will be allowed to sell T-Shirts or CD etc. Our focus is the Arts and Crafts and not a Music festival.

We have a Local Non-Profit Organization and would like to have a booth?

If you have an IRS Non-Profit standing (not just the State Non-Profit Status) and would like to have a booth you can contact us. If you want an information booth we will give you a booth for free, if you are wanting to sell items that might compete with our Arts or Craft vendors we asked that you pay the going rate for a 1/2 size booth. We asked that you do not sell food other then home cooked items. No soft drinks, popcorn etc. We do not want the Non-Profit Vendor competing with the Vendors that are paying full price. You need to register as a non-profit vendor and give as much detail in the comments as possible as to what you want to do.

Juried Process:

We judge Art or Craft on the following bases:
1) New vendors or old Vendors with new products must provide a minimum of 4 photographs one of their booths and 3 of their products they will be selling. This can be done by sending us digital photographs either printed or by E-Mail, or providing us a web site or Facebook address that has the photographs. Vendors that have shown at our show in the past do not have to provide this information if they do not have a different line of products unless requested.
2) All work in both fine art or fine craft must be original in concept and must have been created by the accepted applicant. Booth sharing is allowed with a maximum of two vendors to a booth. Each vendor must be juried separately.

3) Participants must exhibit the type and quality of work shown in their photography/website/Facebook page. Not acceptable are items embellished or made from commercially available kits, plans, or patterns; imports; factory-made or assembled items; mechanical reproductions, offset prints or considered offensive by our community standards. (Exception: T-Shirts with original art are allowed if the artist can provide the original art work (or proof of such).

4) Reproductions must be signed and numbered, and clearly marked as “reproductions,” and cannot make up more than 20% of the display.

5) Artists may only exhibit in the category for which they were accepted. For example, if you apply as a photography vendor, and then we find you are selling jewelry as well and did not apply also as a jewelry vendor, you will be asked to remove the jewelry from your booth. If you wish to apply in more than one category you must submit a separate application with a separate photography support. IE: If you plan on showing jewelry, jewelry images must be included as part of your photography submission.

6) We limit the number of vendors selling the same or like products. The number of vendors is limited based on the demand for such a product. IE: Wood Turned Pens/bowls are limited to two vendors. Because of the variety, jewelry vendors could be limited. There is no limit on photography or art vendors.

More questions? Contact us